Things to do in Jersey
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Interesting Activities to Indulge in Jersey

Jersey is the largest and most southern of the British Isles. It is located in the English Channel, but it is much closer to France than Great Britain. It is 22 km from the Normandy coast and 160 km from the south coast of Great Britain.

The island of Jersey deftly combines European sophistication with old-fashioned British charm. Known for its beautiful beaches, captivating hiking trails and fascinating history, the island offers an unusual melting pot of English and French culture that make it unusual.

There are regular flights to Jersey from London and other airports of Great Britain as well as from Ireland, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Ferries connect Jersey with rest of the Channel Islands.

Watch birds at Wetland Center

Things to do in Jersey include visiting the Jersey Wetland Center, a new and wonderful National Trust project is a beautiful bird sanctuary near the St Ouen’s Pond Nature Reserve.

The wetland park provides excellent educational materials, bird identification diagrams, and binoculars. The center is the perfect place to observe the many native bird species.

With 16 windows at different heights, adult and children visitors alike can enjoy a unique perspective about this astounding wetland.

Enjoy the beach and the sea

The island has many sandy beaches and beautiful bays to relax, walk, swim or eat. This definitely makes them one of the best free things in Jersey.

While Jersey’s North Shore has pretty little harbor bays, it is the west side that is best for surfing. In addition, the bay of St. Brelade on the south coast is a favorite place for many water sports. The Royal Bay of Grouville, east of the island, is famous for its sandy beaches.

Explore ruins of old castles

From historic 12th century buildings to ruins in the countryside, Jersey has a bunch of historic castles to discover and photograph. Although you have to pay to enter many of them, walking and exploring around them is totally free and it is the outside that is the most impressive.

The best places to visit include Elizabeth Castle and Rocco Tower, which are located out at sea and can only be accessed at low tide. Mount Orgueil, which is also known as Gorey Castle, and Grosnez are two other favorite sites to visit.

Relax at a pub in the historic square

Jersey has a fascinating history of battles, independence, and occupation. Place de la Liberation and Place Royale, both located in Saint Helier, are two of the best places to discover much of this history.

The Royal Square is proud of the Parliament Building, the Courthouse and has been the central meeting point in the island centuries. It was also the scene of the epic Battle of Jersey in 1781. Surrounded by good restaurants and pubs, it is a great place to feed the pigeons or relax outdoors and is popular among things to do in Jersey.

The Liberation Square is much more recent and was founded in 1995 on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the liberation of the island from the occupation of the German national socialist troops during the Second World War. It features a beautiful fountain and a large statue, which represents the memorable occasion of freedom officially marked by the British flag of the nearby Pomme D’Or hotel.

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