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How to Take a Luxurious Vacation

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to travel but one thing that is universal is that everyone wants to have a truly great time. Why travel if it’s not going to be amazing?

For some this means sparing no expense in order to get the absolute best, either to brag about it to their friends or because they believe spending more money equals better things. In many cases, these people are correct – if you increase your budget (or indeed, if you have no budget) the world is your proverbial oyster. Chances are though, if money is something you value, you don’t want it to go to waste or disappear entirely. Scientists are working hard on breeding money trees, but as of right now, it is not something you can grow.

Let’s make one thing clear – luxury does not always mean expensive. This can be because the things you enjoy are not that expensive so going up to the next tier isn’t going to break the bank, or because you’re not unreasonable in your expectations. If your idea of luxury is having a whirlpool tub in your room overlooking the ocean, chances are that is in your price range – if you want it overlooking the ocean and an active volcano while you sip Dom Perignon and eat caviar, well, you better be able to afford it.

Luxury to many people can simply mean doing something you wouldn’t normally do so it is special. If you’ve never been to a winery before, take a tour and sample some of their wares. Splurge and dine there even, if that would make this truly decadent and if it would be meaningful for you. There is nothing wrong with that, especially if it becomes a memory you would hold onto. The problem lies with setting a new standard – if you now only want to eat at similar places and make $250 meals your new normal, you will not be as happy when you do it and will have to seek out something even more extravagant to get the same effect.

Turning ordinary things luxurious is easier than you might assume. A simple trip in modest accommodation can be made extra memorable by taking one night out to a fabulous restaurant. Instead of making every night about breaking the bank, save up so one night is extra special. Dress up pretty for it; find a musician to serenade you as you dine – it is that easy.

When it comes to deciding whether to make your vacation a luxurious one, keep this in mind – you are worth it. Don’t worry about what other people think or what they value – if you consider something a luxury, even if it isn’t that expensive or original, it doesn’t matter. Luxury is whatever you make it.





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