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How to Pack for Villa Holidays


When it comes to the most enjoyable bits about a vacation, it’s unlikely for all but the most fastidious of travellers that packing suitcases is up there with lying on the beach, eating out and swimming in the pool.

However, preparing for your week away is a necessary evil, and actually, if you’re one of the millions who will be enjoying villa holidays this year, this process shouldn’t be as painful as you first feared.

When you hire a quality property from a provider such as Monarch Villas, you are, in effect, paying for a home away from home. This means that you’ll be provided with appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, clothes driers and coffee makers.

But not only is this convenient while you’re away, it also reduces the hassle when you’re packing. After all, there’s no need to try to cram ten t-shirts, ten pairs of socks and ten pairs of underwear into your suitcase when you can simply stick on a load of washing every couple of days while you’re on holiday.

You also don’t need to pack loads of changes of beachwear, as you can use the clothes drier to get wet swimwear ready for the next day.

Complimentary items
Although you’ve got more facilities and space in a villa than you would in a hotel, you won’t have someone coming in every morning to replace the complimentary shower gels and shampoos in your bathroom.

However, rather than weighing down your suitcase with loads of bottles, why not buy all your toiletries when you arrive? In two weeks, with four or more people using the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, you’ll have no worries about getting through it all.

If there is some left, the bottles will be quite light so you can easily bring them home with you, which you’ll want to do if you favour more expensive products. Just remember to put large amounts of liquid in the hold and not your hand luggage, otherwise you’ll have them confiscated by security at the airport.

travel-suitcaseWeight limit
Whether you’re staying in a villa or a hotel, the most important thing is to make sure that your suitcase complies with your airline’s baggage restrictions in terms of weight for hold luggage and dimensions for carry-on items before you reach the airport.

There’s nothing worse than trying to repack your bags with an angry queue of travellers behind you at the check-in desk or having to shell out extortionate excess baggage fees because you’ve packed too much.

Remember that unless you’ve booked a villa in a wilderness area, you can buy whatever you need from local stores – whether that be clothes, accessories or toiletries – so there’s really no need to overdo it.

If anything, it’s best to leave a bit of space in your suitcase so that you can bring back holiday souvenirs with you, such as a bottle of the local liquor or some new clothes.

Packing well
As for how to put the items into your bag, the best thing about a villa holiday is that you’ll have plenty of storage space to unpack all your items when you arrive, meaning you won’t have to live out of your suitcase for the whole time you’re away.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the order that you’re putting items into the suitcase. Just ensure that fragile items are well-padded and clothes are folded neatly to save space.

Follow this advice and you should be able to enjoy a stress-free packing experience at both ends of your holiday.

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