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Hotels Worldwide with the Craziest Penthouses

The Westin, Rome

Ever wonder how the richest guys in the world get to spend all their money? They get to spend it on luxury, often in some crazy and lavish penthouses that sometimes larger than the size of most people’s homes. The simple is tossed out in favour of the elaborate and there is no expense spared on detail or comfort.

If you have the choice between paying your mortgage for five years or staying in one of these places for one night, please – pay your mortgage. But if you have just inherited more money than you know what to do with, are a recent lottery winner or a high rolling billionaire – there are luxury accommodations that will blow your mind.

So if you are interested in what kind of hotels with craziest penthouses the rich like to reside in, feel free to browse below. You may not be able to afford these, but luxury can be found at a more reasonable rate in other accommodations nearby these monuments to wealth.

Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel: Are you able to afford the $65,000 per-night cost? If you can, first give me some money and then find out what this priciest hotel provides. Built in Geneva, Switzerland, the hotel provides enormous sleeping rooms, six large bathrooms along with a suite that is capable of holding forty people. It has a view of the city as well as Lake Geneva and both are actually breathtaking.

Ty Warner Penthouse Suite: The Four Seasons Hotel in NYC has got a penthouse suite where one can stay for $42,000 per night. That’s like having to pay 30 dollars for each minute of your rent time. The penthouse covers a place of four hundred square yards. Since it’s situated at the top of the luxurious hotel, it provides a 360-degree attractive view of the towering Manhattan skyline. Apart from luxurious amenities, you additionally get services of a personal masseuse along with a private chauffeur.

The Villa La Cupola Suite – Westin Excelsior, Rome: The Everlasting City provides its fair amount of richness and extravagance for individuals who want to pursue it. The Villa La Cupola Suite in the Westin Excelsior is of the highest class. From approximately £20 000 each night, this is the biggest suite in Italy and, with its 12-metre-high domed ceiling and wall to wall extravagances and ornate design, one of the most elaborately decorated in the world as well.

Taipei 101: For modern architecture, Taiwan has an icon that is Taipei 101 Shopping Mall. This penthouse has a height 509 meters and recorded as one of the three tallest buildings in the world. Seriously, this place is ridiculous – one could even say the definition of decadence. Even if you’re unable to stay directly in it, there are still a ton of luxury hotels near Taipei 101 that you can book through sites like Expedia to get that fantastic experience.

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