Hot Destinations for the Month of May



Is this year your year? Is it the time when you finally take that trip you’ve always dreamed of but either couldn’t afford or find the time for in the past? With so many destinations to check out, particularly if it’s your first time abroad, you’ll have no problem finding something that meets your needs and can fit right in your budget. If you have free reign over when to take your vacation, maybe consider taking your holiday before the summer rush in the month of May.


It’s amazing the difference a month can make for lines, weather and overall feel of a place. If you’re looking for where’s hot in May, you may be surprised how many places will fit your needs. Is it an all-inclusive resort you’re looking for or maybe a backpacking journey through South America? Whether you want to just relax or see the wonders of the world, May is a great time of year to get away from your everyday life and see what’s out there with much the same weather but a less hectic atmosphere than going during peak season.


Take a look below at these suggestions of great vacation spots in the month of May and start planning your dream vacation today!



The United Kingdom is great but let’s face it, sometimes you just need to soak up some sun and bask in the warmth of continental Europe. There’s nowhere better to do this than in the Mediterranean countries with their warm air and laid back atmosphere, particularly before the peak season rush that will come just a few months later. Of particular appeal for a wide range of tourist activities are the Greek islands and mainland, home to beautiful scenery, delicious food and more history than you can shake a stick at. Stop in as part of a cruise, find a resort to relax on or island hop and find out that even in these tough economic times, you really can’t get much better than Greece.



A fantastic place for vacation-takers the world over, the Caribbean is home to a wide range of cultures and sights, making it a real challenge to visit everywhere in your life! Some were colonized by the French, British or Spanish so the language and social structure makes every visit something different. In addition, many Mexican destinations get added into this group of places to visit, taking in the traditional culture of the Aztecs and the reasonable price point. The same goes for the communist country of Cuba, which is a real vacation hotspot with non-Americans, with friendly locals and at an affordable rate. You can choose to take excursions off the resort or just relax at your accommodation – you really can’t go wrong!




A short hop away for most people in western Europe are the many islands that make for the perfect escape from their busy lives, and what time is better than during the month of May? Of particular note are the Canary Islands, located off the coast of Africa and home to their own unique culture depending on the island. Tourism is their primary industry and they have developed in accordance to that, but due to their volcanic origins, there’s no shortage of beautiful scenery.

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