Growth and trend of luxury houses in India

Trend change in real estate is again witnessing exceptional changes with luxury houses that are coming back into India market. India is one of fast growing country with great net worth individuals along with their investment portfolio of 40% in the real estate market.

Lot of luxury housing project are becoming trend in the market with increased number of people who are opting for luxury apartments that ranges between Rs 1crore to Rs 15crore. Some of the most luxury homes upcoming are ready to occupy and under constructions. Noida and Gurgaon is hub of such projects and real estate Kochi is lined up already with dozens of ultra luxury and luxury projects. Then the question arise what about the affordable houses? According to the industrial experts, now the scenarios is of luxury home which caught attention of various people from different sectors but it can’t be a trend forever. Even though affordable project trend have slow down now but situation can turn around anytime.

An affluent home buyer wants a house which reflects their financial status and social standing. These premium houses are no longer expensive units only that are located centrally, large and comfortable. While with the growing demand of these premium segments have given whole new dimension embellished with hi-tech and innovative modern technologies. These luxury houses ranges from apartments to penthouse, villas, bungalows, row houses etc with large green space, swimming pools, gyms, shopping complex, parks, gold courses etc.

Branded Luxury houses

Innovative and unique techniques are getting introduced with luxury segments by the developers. Some of the branded residences have become important latest trend in luxury housing that are developed by collaborating with international lifestyle brands. Even in some of the cases, developers had tie up with celebrities for endorsing branded residences.



The branded houses all fall under super luxury segments and it has got only 5% share of India real estate, therefore huge potential can see in the growth of this segment in the coming years.

Themed Villas

Theme based houses are latest trend in India real estate market. These are new trend to attract potential buyers of luxury homes. Luxury villa comes with different snob value in big congested cities. Different architectural and cultural ingredients are brought together from cities like Spanish, Mexico, Arabic etc instilled in these villas. Residential theme based luxury villas in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon and Chennai attracted many NRI buyers who are from Singapore, West Asia etc.

Golf Course

Great trend of well maintained and reputed golf course in some of the cities posh localities has been regarded as the symbol of luxurious living. A golf course stands out to be as a part of affluent lifestyle and shows social status. Most developers now stand apart from stereotyped golf grounds to ultra modern polo grounds for giving these luxury houses a posh status.

Smart Houses

Big developers are keener in incorporating technological advancement with realty scenario. They are involving latest technologies and gadgets for creating intelligent living spaces within luxury villas and apartments. The prominent features coming in luxury houses are electronic surveillance system, digital lock, temperature control, Wi-Fi communication, entertainment, etc. With the emphasis of creating smart and intelligent homes is leading to techno savvy era. The system coming up with sensors are used to control light, temperature and ambiance inside these houses. Technology is ultimately offering large number of specialized services from concierge to medical services.

Keep a track of rising of luxury apartment, it is assumed to be that this housing segment of India is on the way to see hikes faster.


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