Great Ferry Trips from the UK


A trip to the United Kingdom is a great time all around. Experiencing the magic of England, the charm of Ireland, the mystery of Wales or the beauty of Scotland, you can spend months in either location and have the time of your life. It’s easy to see why so many people fall in love with it and continue to return year after year!

With that in mind, sometimes taking a side trip to a different country is needed, just to mix things up a bit. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to do this and one of the best is aboard ferry carriers like P and O that can connect you to other destinations quickly and easily. Ferries may not be the fastest way to reach a country, but as you can bring a vehicle or just relax on board while you cross the sea, it may be the most enjoyable way to reach your destination.

Below are a few suggestions for side trips to other nations by way of ferry from the UK – they’re the perfect accent to any vacation and are guaranteed to inspire future adventures!



Head down to Dover and catch a ferry across the English Channel to Calais, one of the northern most points in France a great starting point to any further travel in France whether it’s the bright lights of the Paris nightlife or the quaint countryside. Definitely one of the shortest ferry rides you’ll take, you can make the trip easily within a day and get to adventuring in no time!



From the port of Hull you an catch a ferry to Rotterdam, which for many is the highlight of any trip to the Netherlands. Bursting with culture, things to see and do and a feeling all of its own, traveling to Rotterdam will give you a great break from the English countryside and gives you a great connection with the rest of Europe.



Also from Hull is the Belgian locale of Zeebrugge, an often missed destination on European adventures. Belgium is not an overly large country but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in cultural diversity. From here it is also quite easy to travel on further to France or the Netherlands and really diversify your break from the UK!



The Emerald Isle is easily accessible from the first-class destination of Liverpool and should be taken advantage of by anyone who gets the chance to. Arriving in Dublin, travellers can see what it is that makes Ireland such a special nation known the world over, from it’s breathtaking natural beauty to its fiercely proud national identity and history. Just… if you happen to enjoy the rest of the UK, perhaps don’t mention it too loudly in a crowded pub!

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