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Fascinating Central American Beaches


Take a look at a list of most fascinating beaches of Central America.

Playa Gigante, Nicaragua

Another fascinating beach of Central America, Playa Gigante is a crescent-shaped beach on the southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Playa Gigante and its waters support a tiny fishing community and the local residents are happy to serve up fresh fish from several shacks on the sand. If you like spectacular sunsets, you will definitely love the tranquility of Playa Gigante.

Playa Manzanillo, Columbia

Perhaps, you read it as Colombia, right? Colombia is South America, but not Central America. Columbia has 2 islands in the Caribbean Sea – Isla de Providencia and Isla de San Andrés. Devoid of almost all development, Playa Manzanillo is usually deserted, making it an ideal place to just relax and forget about all your problems and troubles.


Playa San Diego, El Salvador

This is actually one of my favorite Central American beaches! The Pacific coastline of El Salvador boasts a wonderful mix of shimmering white sand beaches and glittering black sand beaches. There are many beaches for surfing, but if you want the waves to be calmer and gentler so that you can easily swim after sunbathing in your own private patch of soft sand, Playa San Diego is right for you!

Playa Cocalito, Costa Rica

Having some of the best beach destinations in Central America, Costa Rica is blessed with a great array of awesome beaches on both coasts. Whether you choose the Pacific or Caribbean coasts, you will get a real castaway type experience. Playa Cocalito is one of the most fascinating Central American beaches that worth visiting. You will have to walk through an amazing jungle trail and a suspension bridge, surrounded by parrots and monkeys, to reach the soft sand fringed by beautiful swaying palm trees.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

One of the most popular Costa Rica beaches, Manuel Antonio retains its charms despite mushrooming hotels and burgeoning crowds. The beaches particularly those inside the national park are stunning, and the views from the hills are breathtaking. Rooms with the spectacular views tend to be a bit pricey, but they are worth it!

These beaches are stunning, aren’t they? What are your favorite beaches in Central America? Please comment below!


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