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Eco Travel and Where to Visit

Eco living is about taking care of the environment in a responsible way, making the most of what we have and letting nothing go to waste. Eco travel is the same, as it involves seeing the world in a responsible manner so others may enjoy it for years to come.

When it comes to how best to eco travel, it all starts with the decisions you make as a traveler. This means choosing accommodation that makes use of responsible forms of energy, like geothermal heating or solar power, to be sure unnecessary pollution does not occur. It means looking for environmentally sound means of transportation like bike riding or purchasing carbon off sets in the case of using fossil fueled vehicles. It also means purchasing food and supplied from local, responsible producers who produce a limited carbon footprint and practice sustainable farming or manufacturing means.

This may seem like it would require a lot of research on your part but thankfully we live in an age where this kind of travel is valued, so many travel companies and websites proudly advertise their eco friendly status. Keep in mind, many places have been using these eco practices long before they were fashionable or prized by the general public!

Many destinations around the world make use of alternative energy sources not because of some government subsidy or pressure from an environmental group but because it makes sense to their way of life. Places like Japan and Iceland are home to an abundance of geothermal energy and make use of it in their tourism already – particularly when it comes to invigorating hot springs.

Choosing to travel to a place where bike riding is the norm will ensure you do your part not to add any unnecessary car exhaust to the air because of your visit. Places in Asia and Europe already make use of bikes in their cities because it cuts down on the traffic in their narrow streets, but as a traveler you might be unsure about riding a bike in a new and strange place. Thankfully, many of these cities have biking tours set up that are easy to follow and can be done by yourself or in a group. If you’re still uncertain of biking, opt to take public transit like a subway or train and avoid taking a taxi.

Finding organic or locally grow food can be tricky when you don’t know an area but do some research ahead of time for restaurants or grocery store chains in the area you will be traveling to. Many will advertise they buy local and try to shop there. California is the breadbasket of the world – you can bet many things grown there are served there as well!

By doing our part when we travel we can help protect this world for future generations. The next time you plan a vacation, make eco travel a priority and feel good about making a difference.

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