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Easy Jet and Ryan Air – the Pros and Cons


A great element of traveling in Europe is the access to several low cost airlines that have great accessibility to the major capitals of Europe. If booked earlier enough travelers can enjoy some amazingly low fares. Alterations in the later 2000’s have taken a little of the steam away from these carriers however as hidden fees have been added. The following article is going to take a look at a few of the pros and cons of using Ryan Air and Easy jet to get around in Europe.


If flights are booked far enough advance, or even just about a week in advance at minimum, travelers can and do get fantastic fares on their flights. Often a traveler can purchase a flight between European destinations for less than a hundred US dollars, which is even cheaper than taking the planes and trains to these locations. A true story is that back in 2001, I once booked a Ryan Air Flight from Edinburgh to Dublin for a charged fee of 1 cent, with taxes include the cost was still less than $20 dollars. Be weary though at present fees sneak up on you with these airlines.

Hidden Costs 

Trying to become a short excursion air line Easy Jet now charges for checking a bag. If you check in your bag online, it will be half price which still is a hefty $15 dollar costs, and double that if you don’t do it till the air port. Having not known about this policy I was blindsided by these costs in 2011. Another important thing to note is that often Ryan Air and Easy Jet do not fly directly into the city you are going to. For instance when flying to London the flights will land in Luton, Gatwick, and Standstead airports – all of which are also towns – that are approximately an hour away from London. Transports from these air ports to London usually costs around $25 US dollars each way.

Never buy anything on a low cost airline flight 

If you are feeling a little peckish before getting on the plane go to a vending machine before you get on the flight. Once the planes are in the air a bag of chips that would cost a $1.50 will now cost $5 dollars. Bear in mind as well that these flights in Europe are generally pretty cheap and it won’t be the hardest thing to bite the bullet and just wait till you land if money is at all an issue.

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