Does the Financial Crisis Make Greece a Less Attractive Holiday Destination?


Greece has long been a desirable destination to visit for its natural beauty, rich history and mild climate. Many people, however, are now worried that the financial crisis has made Greece a less attractive place to visit.

While travellers may run into some difficulties due to current conditions, there are also some advantages and bargains as well. There are so many cheap flights to Greece available: a look on Dealchecker and you can see just how affordable it is to go to Greece now, particularly from the UK and Europe.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons to visiting Greece during this difficult period.

Problems You Might Encounter

The financial crisis has made life inconvenient in some ways, both for Greeks and tourists. In cities such as Athens, for example, you might run into a strike or demonstration. These are not usually dangerous, but they can hold up traffic and make it hard to get around.

Transportation is something that is less predictable than normal due to the economic situation. If you are planning on taking any trains or ferries, for example, you may have to put up with delays or cancellations. For this reason, you should keep a flexible schedule and leave yourself extra time for reaching your destinations.

Still another potential downside to visiting Greece right now is that hotels, restaurants and other attractions might be closed due to a decrease in tourism. As fewer people visit, it becomes harder for struggling businesses to survive.

greece1Upsides to Visiting Greece At This Time

At the same time, there are some real advantages to visiting Greece at this time. First of all, if you have always wanted to visit this country, you shouldn’t let the current situation discourage you. For the most part, the problems in Greece will cause minor inconveniences to travellers, at most.

Secondly, there are now some real bargains to find there. Cruise ships and hotels, for example, are cutting many rates to attract more tourists. You may be able to get free upgrades when you buy tickets. This means that your money will go further in Greece now than it has for the last few decades.

Another reason why some travellers are enjoying Greece right now is that it’s less crowded. This can make for a more relaxing trip, as you won’t have as many crowds to deal with in the streets, hotels, tavernas and so forth.

Preparing For a Trip to Greece

The economic crisis need not prevent you from travelling to Greece. At the same time, you should make certain preparations. As mentioned, you should be prepared for delays or certain businesses not being open.

You should also carry some extra cash, in case banks or ATMs are not accessible at times. If you are concerned about things like cancellations, you may want to purchase travel insurance before embarking on your trip to Greece.

Greece is still a fascinating and rich destination. No one knows how long the economic crisis will last, or what consequences it will bring. If you have been dreaming of a trip to Greece, however, there’s no reason to change your plans. Just be flexible and know what to expect.

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