Different things to do in Halifax, Canada

The east coast of Canada, as much as any area in North America, is steeped in history. Halifax was a major shipping and naval outpost for the British Empire and still has many relics to this maritime past. Built on the Atlantic Ocean, Halifax also has a great old port area to discover as well as old cathedrals like St Paul’s Cathedral and nearby historic towns like Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. A few ways to spend your time while visiting Halifax, Nova Scotia include:

Historic Properties Wharf 

1869 Upper Water Street

Previously the Historic Properties Wharf had been occupied by warehouses, privateer headquarters and shipping businesses but now is a thriving commercial and pedestrian area. Filled with great restaurants, like Salty’s that serves amazing sea food, and bars, like the Lower Deck which plays live maritime music, there is much fun to be had down at the wharf during the day or night. A fantastic people watching location and great spot to soak in some sea side air the Historic Wharf is a place that locals and visitors alike spend much of their time at while in Halifax.

108-01-2-2007-0014Citadel National Historic Site

 If you are interested in really delving into Halifax historical past a trip to Citadel is a must. Erected back in 1749 the Citadel is a network of four military forts built on a hilltop over looking Halifax. The present fort has been standing since 1856 and is open to the public to explore and visit its onsite museum where visitors can discover the role Halifax played in several major wars such as the American Revolution, the American Civil War and both World Wars. Each day at noon the traditional noon artillery gun is fired. In the summer time the 78th Highland Regiment re-enacts, adorned in kilts, what life as a solider at the Citadel had been like. The Citadel is open and daily with admission costing around $11 dollars.

 Halifax Public Gardens 

5665 Spring Garden Road

 Visitors to Halifax that want to escape the city’s urban amenities often slip away to the Halifax Public Gardens. Built in 1867 the garden take up 5 acres and includes well manicured flower beds, a picturesque gazebo, quiet walkways and plenty of great spots to have picnics. Noted for its colourful array of plants this beautiful public garden is a great way to spend a few hours away from Halifax’s other more urban attractions. The Halifax Public Gardens are open from 8 am till dusk and admission is free.

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