Different Possibilities for Adventure Travel in Mexico

Now there are more things to do in Mexico then sit on resort beach and go to wild, and, maybe just a little tacky, tourist bars to drink tequila. Mexico has lots of places for different varieties of adventure tourism.  A nation that is blessed extensively with varied topography there is much to do here. Options exist from diving, climbing a mountain, to kayaking in exciting rapids and waters. If you know where to look there is more than enough adventure for even the most seasoned adrenaline junkies. Place to go in Mexico if you fancy a little excitement include.


Enjoy some of the best diving in the world – 

If you are going diving on the Island Cozumel just off the coast of the Riviera Maya that is as good as it gets! With amazing coral formations nearby off the reefs of Cozumel this location has sites to behold for divers of all abilities. If you are a strong diver you can venture down a 150 feet or more to check unique aquatic formations and ship wreck sites. This region has more than 500 varieties of fish, different species of sea turtles, and even the odd whale shark!


Climb North America’s highest Volcano 

If you fancy yourself a mountaineer Oizaba is Mexico’s highest peak and the highest in the whole Western Hemisphere. If you are experienced and you want a North American challenge this is the place. Even if you are not particularly experienced you can see what it is like to be 18,000 feet above ground minus the usual highly inclement weather conditions.


Kayak the Waterfalls of Huacteca Potsina

Huasteca Potosina region is known for turquoise rivers that spill into the eastern Sierra Madre to form a wild grouping of wild rapid runs and waterfalls. If doing it on your own in your own kayak is to scary there are options for taking raft tours led by a professional guide. A river trip here means you will be surrounded by beautiful tropical scenery. A great thing about this region is that international tourism is not particularly high here so you can discover the region for yourself.
Cave dive into the Cenotes

Underneath much of the Yucatan Peninsula is a massive system of caves that can be accessed and explored by divers. Essentially lime stone rock erodes in certain places forming opening in the rock known as cenotes to the water below. Divers then are free to dive underneath the lime stone into a massive matrix of caves complete with varied aquatic life inside of them.

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