Cruises – Perfect Luxury Holidays


We all have those friends that every chance they get, they seem to be taking a cruise. Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever been curious what keeps drawing them back time and time again?

If you’ve ever taken a cruise then you know every one of them is a luxury cruise, as they are in all manner of speaking, a floating pleasure barge en route to any number of fantastic destinations around the world. They require very little planning on your part, all you have to do is book one and get to the port – the rest is taken care of. Are you tired of laying around an all-inclusive resort or moving from place to place in Europe? Why not combine both of them with a cruise and get the most for your time and money!

Here are four reasons why a cruise is the perfect luxury holiday.

The Pomp and Splendour

From the second you step on the ship you will feel as though you are someone special (which, of course, you are!) as cruises have this air of importance and tradition that other types of travel lack. Cruises feel so official, with their crew and captain (that you may dine with), the fanfare of your departure and arrival back home all feel like monumental events when you’re on a giant ship. Top it all off with the attention to detail paid on the ships interior and amenities and you’ll wonder how you were ever content in a hotel.

Multiple Destinations

Many cruises are not limited to just one destination as an all-inclusive vacation would be, instead traveling along the coasts of various locales for a day excursion or a few nights. If you take a European cruise you will stop in many cities, and in the Caribbean you may visit multiple islands – some may only be accessible through such a cruise. Even if your cruise is headed to just one place, you still have the ever changing locale of the open sea!

The Dining

Dining on a cruise ship is the ultimate treat as you will never be bored by the selection in front of you. Many ships have their menus designed by world renowned chefs and have a variety of options depending on your tastes or moods. From brunch to midnight buffets, cruises can be as casual or elegant as you want them to be.

Always Something to Do

It’s pretty safe to say that if you’re on a cruise ship you’re never going to be bored. The cruise directors have something planned for every type of traveler in mind, from trivia tournaments, card games and movie nights, to pool activities and special soirees depending on the theme and destination of your cruise. Even if you don’t feel like taking part in those activities, you can wander the ship, lounge in the sun, rest in your room or just gaze at the sea. Simply put, your every desire is catered to when you take a cruise.


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