Choice of Two Cities: Toronto or Sydney?

We all have a very finite amount of time, and money for that matter, to travel to all the different places we wish we could. With this sad fact in play, the following article is going to discuss the virtues of visiting either Toronto, Canada versus Sydney, Australia if only one could be chosen. The metrics that are going to be used for this comparison of cities will bridge across three categories: the aesthetic attractiveness of the city; activities and sites that can be visited in the city; and the possibilities for fun in terms of night life, café culture, sporting activities and restaurants.


Toronto is a cool town with lots of funky little neighborhoods that generate a nice differentiated aesthetic. Sydney though with its amazing harbours is one of the prettiest cities in the world. Flying into Sydney is perhaps the best landing in the world as you can see the bounty of the nature surrounding the city from such a high vantage. Also, the architecture in the city has a unique Australian feel – not quite North American and not quite European that makes each building intriguing to look at.

Result: Sydney

Things to Do:

Sydney definitely has the edge in terms of beach life – with three world class beaches: Bondi, Manley and Coogee – but Toronto edges Sydney out in terms of urban activities and museums. Toronto is a growing town, with the most cranes operating in North America, and the diversity of activities shows this growth as there are great distractions like visiting the world class Royal Ontario Museum, wandering the hip commercial street of Queen Street West and visiting the Hockey Hall of fame. Still though Sydney too has much to do on dry land and it has the beaches. In the end this category needs to be called a draw.

Result: Draw


Sydney and Toronto are happening places to be sure. Toronto has such diversity in its restaurants, bars, cafes and districts of the city that the fun really doesn’t stop, ever. What really pushes the tipping point is the amount of varied urban locations people can choose from in Toronto, not to mention the four different professional sports leagues that play here. There really is something for everyone there.

Result: Toronto


A tough call between these two great cities. As a final choice I would say this if you are going for a shorter trip – a couple weeks or less – go to Sydney as it has a unique, exotic, Australian quality. If you are going for longer, perhaps even going to live in one of the two cities, choose Toronto as there is more diversity in the people and things to do. Toronto also edges Sydney out in terms of its art scene. However, as this was a question of visiting one city over the other the win goes to Sydney by a hair.

Result: Sydney

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