Canadian Icewine Vineyard Stays


Nothing says luxury like visiting a vineyard. Why not start in Canada?

A great destination regardless of the time of year, whether it’s top notch winter activities or summer fun that will blow you away, Canada is a great country to check out for every type of traveller. Add on the fact that Canada is one of the top wine-lovers destinations in the world and you have a country that just keeps getting better.

A spectacularly large country, wine lovers would be best to head to the Niagara region, a location known for it’s remarkable icewine. This variety of icewine is harvested when conditions are just right, producing a beverage that is oh so sweet and the perfect accent for after dinner enjoyment. Due to Canada’s temperate climate and tendency to have consistently cold winters, the Niagara region has become a leading producer of icewine in the world and somewhere every wine enthusiast must check out.

In addition to being home to a delicious product, you may also want to stay on the premises as part of a vacation. The ultimate in luxury will find you on any one of the Niagara region’s splendid estates, complete with beautifully kept grounds, top notch dining and the peace and serenity you’re craving. Sample wines, dine exquisitely and then retire to your fabulous accommodation for a weekend getaway sure to be the envy of everyone you know.

Not sure you can afford such luxury? Shop around – you may be surprised to find how affordable a getaway such as this truly is with different setting to fit a variety of budgets. Depending on the time of year, you may be able to snag something you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford or find available. Plus because there are so many vineyards in such a relatively small area, you’ll have no trouble finding just the right place.

The good news is harvest season for icewine is almost upon us, offering a chance to witness the process first hand. While not every vineyard produces an icewine, the majority do, so be sure to check ahead to see if the place you’d like to stay meets your needs.

Due to the close proximity to the U.S. border, you can make a multi destination trip of your icewine stay, choosing to stay on the estate for a few days and then head into upstate New York for the remainder. Also, with the world famous Niagara Falls so close to your accommodation, you will find no shortage of things to do regardless of your plans. Even if you just want to make a day of it and stay somewhere else, the grounds are quite close to other populated areas, such as Toronto or Buffalo, New York.

Check out a Niagara icewine destination today and sample a drink that is seemingly too good to be true while staying at a first rate destination that can’t be beat.

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