Best Valued Travel Destinations for 2012

planeIt’s time we raise our champagne glasses for a toast to top destinations in 2012. This is essential for those willing to experience wonderful and memorable journeys in the remainder part of the year. Where exactly can one visit? Various destinations often stand out depending on your preferred type of travel. Why should you try to squeeze all the activities you like and feel rushed while you can plan smart for an experience to visit one of these top destinations for 2012 seen below:

Cities in the United States, especially Washington, Boston and New York may not be the cheapest in the world. However, their awesome transit systems enable visitors to save money.
Buses connect to most cities including Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Philadelphia and can be quite cheap, especially for a one way ticket.

Majority of these cities are friendly to pedestrians and have walkable centres and excellent public transport. This makes it possible for tourists to hop-scotch the country without the need to hire a vehicle or use a flight. The buses are comfortable and are connected to free internet, which makes USA a top destination for 2012.

Japan suffered a terrible earthquake in March, 2011. This was followed by hardships for the tourism sector through 2011. Traveling to Japan is a good idea for financial reasons. In comparison to other travel destinations such as New York, Paris and London, Japan’s prices have gone down due to their need for tourism. Besides, most attractions such as botanic gardens and temples are free to visit. This makes Japan a top destination for 2012.

Tajikistan makes in the list of top destinations for 2012, having impressed even Marco Polo. The destination is safe and has stunning scenery. One can enjoy a trip on a Russian Lada to Pamir Highway or Afghan border, which are one of the best road trips in the world. Along the way, you can endulge in hot springs, visit forts and stone structures or stay at yurts or village homes. All this costs less than $400 per person making it budget friendly.

Porto, Portugal
Porto is an excellent deal and top destination for 2012. This is because it is well linked to other European countries through budget airlines. The town is lovely with plazas that resemble villages. Besides, the buildings are decorated using azuelo tiles creating spectacular architecture to view. For only $38, one can get accommodation in antiquated inns that offer a river view. One can also ride on an archaic tram or take a ferry to the beach at only $2 US dollars. The port offers a spectacular scenery for visitors.

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