Best Things to do in Seattle

One of America’s beloved Pacific cities, Seattle is full of great neighbourhoods to explore, art, and outdoor pursuits. If you grow tired of wandering the city there are always the Olympic Mountains to venture to for skiing, hiking and snowshoeing. Back in the city, people love wandering around Pioneer Square to look at the old buildings and finding their way to one of the city’s great coffee houses. There is much to do in Seattle and a few of the best things include.

Olympic Sculpture Park 

2901 Western Ave | Seattle

A great way to spend a nice afternoon while basking in the views of the Olympic Mountains is to head to Olympic Sculpture Park.  Built as an exterior addition to the Seattle Art Museum nine acres have been set aside to form the outdoor (and free to visit) sculpture park. Fantastic sculptors such as Alexander Calder, Oldenburg and Roxy Paine have filled in the area with wonderful contemporary sculpture, all of which is added to by having the Olympic Mountains and Elliot Bay in the back ground.

Pike Place Market 

One of Seattle’s iconic locations is Pike Place Market where the days catch comes in and tourists can watch workman toss fish to one another. A bustling location since its inception back in 1907, the fish market has long been a go to spot for locals wanting great seafood. In its contemporary existence perhaps Pike Market is somewhat removed from its original use as a fish market, now catering more to selling a little of everything, but still it has to be seen while in Seattle. Be sure to see the nearby flower market too. The streets near to Pike Place Market are dotted with restaurants, bars, and cafes so get your self a good spot and watch the action of the day go by. If you are interested in learning a little about the history of the market there are guided tours available for a moderate fee.

beach-at-discovery-park-discovery-park-seattle-seattleDiscovery Park 

3801 W Government Way | Seattle

For those wanting to get out and explore some nature while in Seattle Discovery Park is the place to go. Sprawling over 500 acres Discovery Park is Seattle’s largest green space. The park has an expansive system of trails, meadows and even has saltwater beaches complete with rolling sand dunes. Following the North Beach trail will lead you to the West Point Lighthouse; while walking the South Beach Trail will lead you to fantastic views over Mount Ranier and the city’s skyline. Discovery Park is open each day until 11 pm.


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