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Best Places to See the Northern Lights

If ever there was a year to see the Northern Lights, this would be it. With conditions the best they have been in a decade, as explained in the Telegraph, 2013 is shaping up to be a banner year for aurora enthusiasts and you shouldn’t miss out on this golden opportunity. For those yet to see the fabulous light display, set your travel sights due north and be prepared to be wowed.

Your first question might be where is the best place to check out the northern lights, as if this is the year you might as well do it properly, right? While there are many options available to you, including Northern Canada and Alaska, the best options are always those that are relatively close to home and reasonably accessible. This is why if you are in the UK or Europe, you should definitely head to Lapland with being your best bet for options.

lapland-northern-lightsLocated in the prime aurora viewing area of the arctic, Lapland is a nature lover’s dream. Far from the heavily populated southern areas and home to great wildlife and rugged landscapes, it’s impossible to visit Lapland and not fall in love. Plan a holiday here during the winter months and you have more than an excellent chance of having a front row seat to the most spectacular light show on Earth.

What makes Lapland such a stunning backdrop for the northern lights? Here’s a few reasons:

Minimal Light Pollution

The key to seeing the northern lights is a clear sky and darkness but even when all these conditions are right, if you’re in a city near the arctic, you may never see it. This is because light pollution caused by electric lights, poor air quality and all the other hallmarks of human activity mask the sky’s opulence. Located literally in the middle of nowhere means these obstacles won’t hinder your enjoyment of the night sky.

Isolated Location

In addition to not having the light pollution that makes visibility of the aurora nearly impossible, Lapland’s isolation is the perfect backdrop for the northern lights because of the wilderness. When set against the brilliant forests, blank canvas tundra and wide open skies without anything to block your view, you can watch it all and soak in the simplicity. With the distractions stripped away, you can really enjoy nature at its finest.

Accessible from Major Centres

You can get from where you are to almost anywhere on the planet so long as you’re willing to make a few extra stops along the way, but there’s something to be said for the more direct route. Many of the major cities of Europe have direct flights available to Lapland during the winter months, making getting there a lot easier than you might think. In other words, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make a trip to Lapland part of your travel plans this holiday season.

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