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Best Hotels Worldwide for Conferences

To define any hotel as being one of the best hotels worldwide for conferences, it should in the first place have the bare necessities to conduct successful meetings whether attended by those who are in the vicinity or those who come from far and wide. The bare necessities would be that the hotel should have comfortable rooms for those who need to stay at the hotel, the conference room that is selected should have natural light, should be air-conditioned, the room should be spacious with comfortable seating arrangements, with equipment that would facilitate a successful meeting and proximity to an airport. One can find these facilities at any ordinary hotel but there is more to a hotel that comes under the best hotels worldwide for conferences.

Most of these hotels have more than one conference room each serving a different purpose. What makes them stand out are the additional features such as video conferencing, a facility that helps hold meetings between those located at different cities or even countries, an ambiance par excellence not just in the conference room but the entire environment surrounding it. Those who come for meetings need to spend time doing something that relaxes them and some of these hotels have everything a delegate would dream of.

There could be several that could meet the above criteria to come under the best hotels worldwide for conferences but among them that top the list are the following

Seaport Hotel in Boston, USA. It has what it takes to define it as having state-of-the-art facilities to conduct meetings and conferences not just for those who come from all over the world but those locals who want to isolate themselves. This hotel is located close to the World Trade Centre and to the Logan Airport. There are small conference rooms for informal meetings and even has an amphitheater that can accommodate a large number of delegates.

The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi is yet another hotel that can boast of being one of the best hotels in the world having great conferencing facilities. The size of the conference rooms is what one notices here. A room that can accommodate up to 20,000 delegates is not something that one sees anywhere else in the world with every other facility that can make the delegates stay here memorable.

There is The Aspen Meadows Resort in Los Angeles, USA with river and mountain views having the fear that the delegates would not be drowned in the natural beauty surrounding it or could it just be that they could concentrate better? The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, USA also comes under this category. This hotel needs a special mention in that it has the best facilities for trade shows – a plus point for businesses specially when delegates worldwide who gather here, could take this opportunity to display their products.

The list does not end there. There are indeed more such hotels spread globally suiting every need especially for those who have a taste for elegance and comfort. Those discerning professionals whose job it is to sniff around come out with these results.

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