Best Cities for Nightlife in the USA


There are parties all over the United States but there are certain cities that really go off. These are the kind of places where people are raising up glasses long into the night and having wild times that they reminisce to friends about for years going on into the future. The places on the list of best night life cities range from sin city itself Las Vegas to the big apple, the city that doesn’t sleep, New York.  The best nightlife cities in the US are.

Las Vegas 

Vegas has gained the reputation of being a full on play ground for adults. Glitzy casinos stand beside, and sometimes house, wild clubs. Even knowing how to turn it down a little people out for a good time can head to the more chilled out Fremont Street.

New York City

With a nearly unlimited selection of night life New York night life is only limited by the visitor the city and how much or how little they want to take in. Literally there are a million ways to spend an evening ranging from sipping cocktails in trendy Soho lounges, hitting bar, to bar, to bar in the east village or going to now hip Brooklyn haunts. The most versatile night life in the country is in NYC.


Chi Town may not quite be New York, but it really isn’t that far behind when it comes to night time fun and antics. Loads of Chicago night spots crank out high amped night life with live music, dance beats, and even theatrical performances like second city. With places that range to all types there are swanky lounges all the way to pounding night clubs. If you’re lucky you might even be able to do like the locals and make friends in a laid back local bar.

Miami-960-x-420Miami Beach 

The party scene on Miami Beach, especially in South Beach, has always been a hot spot for beautiful people and wild parties. Everything is here from plush, ultra exclusive lounges to deafening, feet pounding dance clubs all set up on cool art deco streets. Be warned that with cover charges and cocktails a night can add up quickly.

Los Angeles 

L.A. has one of the nations most exclusive see and be seen cultures with its posh high end bars. With an ultra cool “scene” in Hollywood you can party with movie stars. If that doesn’t suit your interest in a huge city like Los Angeles there is every kind of bar in-between too from live music, karaoke, and dance clubs.


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