The Best of Bodrum, Turkey

One of the best places to holiday in Turkey is Bodrum. Situated in the southeast of the country in the coastal Aegean region, here you can find a great mix of culture, beaches, history and beautiful natural scenery. There are plenty of great things to do in Bodrum and it is ideal for families looking to experience all that Turkey has to offer. Cheap flights are available online, so you can travel for less and book accommodation separately. Here are some of the things to do during your stay here. Tourists can apply for Turkey visa online.

bodrum-boat-tripBodrum Marina

Foodies will love some of the fantastic restaurants along the Bodrum Marina. Here you can kick back and experience a little taste of the high life as you watch the yachts come in and out and bob on the waves in the harbour. Fish is the dish of the day, and the proximity of the marina to the sea means that it is always beautifully fresh.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology

This is a museum with a difference. Located inside Bodrum Castle, here you can explore shipwrecks, the lives of famous sailors, and many fantastic exhibitions showcasing the secrets of the deep. You can also see the rest of the historic castle on your trip, but the underwater museum is definitely the highlight.

Bodrum Peninsula

If you are heading to Turkey in search of sea, sand and sun then you will want to take some time to chill out on some of the beaches on the Bodrum Peninsula. There are busier touristy beach resorts as well as quiet village areas where you can get some real peace and quiet and a flavour of real Bodrum.

If you are new to Turkey then Bodrum is a great place to experience the country for the first time. It has a great mix of all the best that Turkey has to offer and will have you hooked and returning year on year for your annual holiday.

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