Best Beaches in the World


Stretched around the globe as you can imagine there are several pretty good beaches. Warm sunshine, white sands, and majestic waves are some of the attributes that draw people to beaches in droves. Most of the beaches listed are located in countries that have warm climates that see people clamour to them to chase the never ending summer. A great board walk with different things to eat and opportunities for people watching also add to a beaches quality. Some of the world’s best beaches include.


Off the north of Australia, this beautiful island nation is considered as the Australia’s Hawaii. In Bali the sun drenched beaches are platooned by beautiful green hills that are dotted with ancient temples. Kuta and Seminyak’s white sand beaches have long been bringing in the travelers. Lovinya beach has been a favourite for beach goers who want a more intimate, secluded experience on its pebble beaches shores.

Bali is separated by a number of regions, which is something to consider when traveling in Bali. There is East Bali, North Bali, West Bali, Central Bali, and South Bali. South Bali is a very popular location to visit, as there are some beautiful sites to behold such as the Tanah Lot Temple. North and East Bali are more quiet and reserved, making them excellent for anyone who just wants to relax. West Bali is great for those who wish to travel via Ferry, and Central Bali features some beautiful mountain lakes and ancient temples. Keep these locations in mind while booking your hotel online.


Kauai has a never ending expanse of white and chocolate sanded beaches with luxurious palm trees and turquoise skies. Kauai by many accounts possesses some of the worlds most picturesque scenery. Some of the amazing shore lines include Po’ipu Beach, Hanakapi’ai Beach, and Lumahai Beachar in the brilliant destination of Hawaii.


Coral sands and striking granite borders are trademarks of the Seychelles. One of the iconic beaches of the Seychelles Islands is Anse Source d’Argent. Located on La Digue Island, no one can deny that, it is a true paradise and is known for tall palm trees, a cool breeze off the waters, and cerulean waters.


The Maldives come complete with soft white sands, tall swaying palms, and warm sea water filled with tropical fish that swim close to your legs all this with total seclusion. With 3,000 coral reefs to explore there is world class diving and scuba diving. Year round sunshine fills up the top notch luxury resorts in the area.


This Caribbean paradise Anguilla has powdery sands that attract legions to its shimmering, beautiful shores. With 33 beaches to select from there really isn’t so much difficulty finding your own place in the sand. Visitors also love the sea side views and the easy going charm.


The location of Shakespeare’s play the Tempest was the Greek paradise of Corfu. Myrtiotissa beach is a wondrous location complete with white-sands, cerulean sea, and stunning rock formations. A treat to your senses the warm will cascade over your skin and you will be able to smell not just the Mediterranean Sea but also the aroma of olive leaves and cypress tress.

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