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Benefits to Staying in a Caribbean Villa


The Caribbean is one of those places that just screams out for vacation and relaxation, and just as there are no shortage of different places to stay, there is also no shortage of ways to enjoy it. The trip of choice for many holiday seekers is the all inclusive resort where virtually your every care and want is catered for to varying budgets, but this isn’t the only way. In fact, if you have stayed in a resort before you may want to consider trying a villa next time just for a change of pace and added romance.

Villas offer options you cannot find in a high rise resort at price points you may find surprising. Take a look at some of the reasons below as to why you should skip the resort and stay in a villa the next time you’re in the Caribbean!


If there’s one annoying thing about staying in an all inclusive resort with hundreds of other travellers it’s that you’re staying with hundreds of other travellers. There’s almost no place you can go that someone else isn’t there as well and particularly when you are travelling to get away from it all, this can be the opposite of what you want. A villa on the other hand is yours and yours alone, set off from the insanity of the resort circuit and a place where you truly can just relax and unwind.


Do you ever feel like being at a resort is a lot like being at camp for adults? There are all these activities planned and set schedules for eating when the last thing you want is to be told what to do. Staying in a villa means you get to do what you want, when you want it and if that involves making dinner or going out; taking an excursion or just laying around in your underwear, it’s all up to you!


Staying off resort can be a huge headache in the Caribbean because safety standards are drastically different than what you are accustomed to. If you want a high level of security without staying in a resort, consider staying in a villa on its own secluded property. Keep in mind, not all are created equal so research ahead of time what certain companies offer and find the one that meets your standards of safety.

Something Different

If you’ve always done the resort thing then maybe it’s time to give something else a try, particularly if you don’t make use of the facilities. There are people who go on these holidays every year, with all the food you can eat and booze you can drink and rarely have any of them – what a waste! Consider taking a holiday in a villa and make your holiday your own!

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