Barcelona or Florence?

People lives are busy with a variety of different commitment as much as we would like to do it all as it were we really can’t. Naturally the same goes for traveling. Decisions have to be made how to spend ones time and what places really would be the best to go at the exclusion of the others. Buying into that idea this article is going to discuss where exactly you would go if you could just go to one of these there cities – Barcelona or Florence. Both cities are wonderful art filled placed nestled into the Mediterranean and would be worth your time. In order to judge the cities the following three part criteria will be used. The cities will be judged against each other in terms of aesthetic beauty, culture and activities to do in the city, and fun.

Florence_Baptistry_1046Aesthetic Beauty

Barcelona is chalked full of the works of legendary architect Gaudi and the innovative and unique structures he made such as the unfinished church Sagradi Famillia and Park Quell. Mix in this fantastic individual architecture with a gothic section of town and you have an amazing place to see and visit. That said though the beauty of Florence with the Tuscany sun beating down over its yellow/ off white and brown buildings is second to none – even Rome. The city opens up to square after square and truly is a city that is like walking around in a museum.

Result: Florence

Things to do 

Florence is an art lovers dream with squares such as Piazzale Michelangiolo to visit and art galleries such as the world famous Uffizi Gallery. Barcelona on the other hand also is chalk full or art and wonderful architecture. Perhaps, what finally gives Barcelona the edge in terms of activities to do is never ending energy of its main street Las Ramblas and the fact that there are several good beaches inside the city as well.

Result: Barcelona


This was is pretty easy. Barcelona is one of the most fun cities in the world while Florence is more of a monument to a past that has gone by. Each night the tapas bars, clubs, and even just the streets of Barcelona go off as people basically salute life and good times. The raging party of the Mediterranean is at 900 RPM in Barcelona and 200 RPM in Florence.

Result: Barcelona


Though Florence does have the edge in beauty and really does have some great ways to spend your time if you could only choose one city go to Barcelona instead. Overall it is more dynamic there with more options for things to do during the day and night.

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