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Avoiding Post-Vacation Blues

Vacations provide us with a much needed respite from day to day activities. Even though many of us enjoy our daily lives, we do like that break from the usual schedule to relax and regroup. It is nice to have a few days with no place to be and nothing on the to-do list.

However, after a vacation, sometimes it can be hard to get back into the swing of a daily life groove that includes responsibilities, schedules and demands.

There are things you can do to help ease the transition from days free of appointments and schedules back into the daily groove.

Add a Day or Two

If possible, when leaving town for vacation, add a day at home before you leave and a day at home after your return. By doing this, you can pack, clean house and make last minute arrangements easily the day before your vacation departure. Getting some things done like cleaning the house, stopping the mail, and getting packed will make the start of your vacation much smoother. By coming back home from your vacation a day before you have to return to work, you give yourself time to unpack, start the laundry, go to the grocery to restock the fridge and just generally get things prepared for the days ahead.

Keep it Light

The first week you are back from an extended vacation, keep your schedule as light as possible for a few days. This will give you time to go back to work and yet still have a bit of time to adjust to being back into the swing of things. By simplifying your week on that first week back, you can extend the benefits of your relaxing vacation and slowly re-enter the usual busy groove. Avoid scheduling check-ups or car tune-ups and anything that does not have to be done right after that first week. Do your job and take time to unwind, giving yourself just a few more hours of vacation-like time even after the vacation has finished.

Enjoy the Memories

Take the time to enjoy your memories you made on your vacation. Look at your pictures, print and display them in your office, on your computer or about the house to bring you pleasant reminders of your getaway time. Enjoy reliving the fun times with family and friends, laugh about it and make plans for the next one.

Plan the Next Vacation

Planning your next vacation is often a bit of a virtual escape for many people. While you do want to create a life you enjoy every day, it is fun to plan trips and getaways. These plans can especially help those who enjoy different seasons than they are currently living in. For the next vacation, do consider the benefits of annual multi-trip travel insurance policies as it can save you a lot of money if you do plan on taking multiple trips within a year.

Change the World

If your usual work groove is stressful and you dread returning to it after vacation, even with returning home a day early and keeping the load light, maybe it is time to make some lifestyle changes that will alleviate some of the stress you are under. Some people make small changes in their daily groove while others completely overhaul their lifestyle and even change jobs to adopt a slower, more enjoyable pace of life.

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