Amazing Natural Phenomena Around the World


The world is an incredible place with more sights and sounds than you can cram into a thousand lifetimes. Between the man-made wonders, animals and natural phenomena, you can be certain that there is something for every person to enjoy from one side of the Earth to the other.


But let’s focus on the natural phenomena. These are the things that the Earth has done all on its own and you should just feel lucky to be observing them if you get the chance to – that being said, you can absolutely plan a trip around seeing these things and witnessing them will leave you at a loss for words. It just goes to show that despite the incredible strides humanity has made and engineering marvels over the centuries, there is still no match for those we had no hand in.


Here are a list of three natural phenomena that should be checked out if you get the chance – there are many others but this is a great start to see the wonders of the world!


The Northern Lights

You can credit the sun and the wonders of the atmosphere to this creation that really is a sight to behold. While there is a south pole equivalent, the north pole one is far larger and more impressive – plus with most of the land mass of the world being in the north, there are many countries you can spot this wonder from. The northern lights are best seen in the winter and on clear nights (obviously), so there is the possibility of not seeing them – but thankfully there are many other things to do in these great northern nations.


Old Faithful

Located in Yellowstone National Park in the United States, Old Faithful is a geyser that goes off every 91 minutes, so you’re more than likely to see it once you’re there. On top of Old Faithful, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the park – hiking, camping… all that nature stuff. Yellowstone covers three states in the northwestern United States and is one of the most remarkable corners of the Earth – you’ll never want to leave.



The southern continent is entirely covered in ice, home to penguins, research stations and cruise ships. It is the coldest place on Earth and virtually untouched – except for all the snow and ice. Whether you decide to take a cruise or something even more insane (and pricey), Antarctica is one of those places we all know exists on a map but until you actually go there, it just seems like something out of a fantasy movie.

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