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Advance Booking vs Last Minute Hotel Deals

Last minute deals seem to be the hot way to buy holidays right now. Many people wait until a few months, weeks, or even days before they want to go away to book. The trend of booking late started a few years ago, really took off in 2010 and has continued to be popular since then. The idea is that the later you book the better the flight and hotel deals you can secure. There are a few things to weigh up however if booking like this, as it is not without risk.

full_samui_holiday_villas_main-image-1In the past last minute holidays were not heard of. People would book their summer holidays, often a year or so in advance and pay the going rate for their package. Things started to change when the cost of getting away started to rise and people began to look for ways to save money on their trips. Hotels with rooms to fill and planes with empty seats will happily sell these off at cut cost to be in with a chance of getting them booked at short notice.

Financially this method can be very rewarding, but it could also sting you if you are not careful. A deal that may look good on the surface might not be the whole picture. Always check for hidden costs such as flight taxes and luggage charges as these are not always included. You also run the risk of paying over the odds if no deals come up as companies can just as easily put up their prices as they can lower them.

If you’re someone that is easily stressed this might not be the option for you. Not having everything planned and organised in advance is something some will find exciting and enjoyable, but for others will be a source of anxiety. If you don’t want to run the risk of potentially not finding a holiday at all, then go with tradition and book in advance

If you’re still interested in finding a bargain, why not take a look online and see what flight and hotel deals are available right now? Make a last minute decision on booking an exciting last minute holiday.


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