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A Guide to Accommodation: Where to stay?

If you’re planning a holiday, one of the first things you’ll need to organise is your accommodation. Depending on the location, how many of you are going and what activities you plan on participating in, you’ll want to choose the right place to stay. Nowadays, there are many different types of accommodation for holidays, so what are they and which is the best?
Hotels are the most popular form of holiday accommodation today, and have been for decades. They’re usually located close to local amenities, although they don’t come with the peace and quiet that some people want. Also, if staying in a hotel, unless it’s self-catering, you will end up having to spend a fortune on eating out, while hotel fees can be expensive.At the other end of the spectrum, staying in a caravan is fairly cheap, depending on whether you have your own caravan or not. If so, you can cook your own food, but space can be a problem, and in some cases, you may have to drive for miles to get to the nearest shop to buy supplies. On top of that, you’re fairly limited in what you can do if the weather’s wet.Holiday cottages represent a happy medium. Often located in rural locations and small market towns, they combine the comfort you would expect from a hotel with closeness to nature that you get from camping or staying on a caravan site. Cottages such as those on are perfect for families, couples or even groups of friends who want adventurous or peaceful breaks.

Villas are something you can expect to find overseas in countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal, and are great if you want to get away from the harsh winter weather of the UK. However, they can be expensive at the best of times, plus if there’s heavy rain outside, you might find yourself with very little to do.

For winter holidays, cottages are perhaps the best form of accommodation. They have everything you could possibly want when looking for a place to stay, plus you’re not limited in what activities you can do indoors or outdoors. Also, they tend to be cheaper than some of the alternatives like hotels.

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