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A Few of the World’s Fattiest Foods

These are snacks that literally can clog arteries just by smelling them. They are dosed in fat, then fried in more fat, and rolled in sugar – just because. Now this isn’t a healthy living guide this is a travel guide so if you dare here are a few of the world’s most outrageously fatty foods. Eat at your caution, but hey – if you’re traveling they might be worth giving a go just for the experience.


Semlor – Sweden

Semlor is a desert that was deigned to fatten people about before Lent. This artery bloater is in a doughy bun filled with whipped cream and almond paste in its centre then topped with the other half of the bun. The final touch is a good blasting of powdered sugar over all of it.

Poutine – Canada

Poutine is a Canadian classic where the French Canadians made alterations to French fries. Instead of just throwing some ketchup on the top of fries and being done with it cheese curds and brown gravy are added. That is the standard version. Different varieties exist that include varied cheeses and meats.

Deep Fried Anything – United States 

A history of Science professor once said in one of my classes the interesting thing about humans as a species is that they have tried everything. Such can also be said for the number of things that have been experimented with deep frying in the US. Elvis Presley would have loved some of these. A little list: deep fried bubble gum, deep friend Salsa, deep fried butter, deep fried buffalo chicken…

Bagnet – Philippines 

This little snack from the Philippines involves taking pork belly, boiling it with salt and pepper for hours then deep frying it.

Acaraje – Brazil 

A great Brazilian street food that involves deep fried dough stuffed with different meats and nuts then topped with green tomatoes, pimento, and fried shrimp. This is a fatty snack also enjoyed in Nigeria, Ghana, and Benin.

Currywurst – Germany

Big pork sausages sizzled up then combined with curry powder. This is a classic of India connecting with Berlin to merge into a gloriously fatty street meat snack. Put in a bun or eat it with a stick with your choice of condiment and you are good to go.


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