The Burj Al Arab Hotel
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7 Most Architecturally Interesting Hotels in the World

The Burj Al Arab Hotel
The Burj Al Arab Hotel

It is true that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But when it comes to choosing 7 Of The Most Architecturally Interesting Hotels in the World it requires more than just eyes. The choice would indeed be on the basis of who has been behind these architectural marvels, and several other parameters. Here is a list of 7 Of The Most Architecturally Interesting Hotels in the World. This list has evolved after looking at various parameters.

1. The Burj Al Arab Hotel
Located in Dubai, this hotel will win hands down when it comes to judging on the parameters that defines best hotel architecture and more so when it has been designed and executed by non other than British architect Tom Wright. While paying attention to the bends and curves that defines Burj Al Arab it has to its credit the length and breadth that breathes luxury and comfort.

2. Hotel Marques de Riscal
Situated in the Rioja region of Spain, it is both a hotel and vineyard. Several vineyards dot the approach to this hotel, and with this unique feature it has come under7 Of The Most Architecturally Interesting Hotels in the World.
It is a new kind of space Frank Gehry is known for. Frank Gehry has several architectural creations in other parts of Spain as well.

3. Park Hyatt Tokyo
Adding to the skyline of Tokyo, Japan this hotel is exclusively designed by KenzoTage the famous architect who has made several contributions in the world of hotel architecture. Along with the exclusive architecture comes luxury and comfort, which are an integral part of this hotel.

4.Phinda Homestead
This is not a skyscraper but a mere lodge. What is outstanding about this architecture is that Nick Plewman who is the architect of this marvel has attempted to merge its elevation perfectly into the surroundings which is a game reserve in KwZulu-Ntl, South Africa.

5. The Four Seasons NYC
Pritzker prize-winning architect I.M. Pei is behind this extraordinary creation having got the distinction of being the best in the city. New York has several hotels that could be considered indeed exclusive but getting an award as the best in the city is surely a feather in the cap of this renowned architect.

6. Hongta Hotel
This hotel is totally responsible to raise the base, when it comes to give the kind of sophistication that Shanghai needed. The credit goes to awarded winner architect K. Jeffries Sydness who founded the Sydness Architects Group, New York. No wonder then that this hotel has won
accolades and is considered as one of the best in the world.

7. Wynn Hotel
Situated in Nevada, Las Vegas this hotel has an elevation so exclusive and unique that it stands out in a place that could be safely termed city of hotels. It reeks of sophistication and state-of-the-art interiors that spells comfort and luxury.

It is indeed difficult to categorically point out and say which could be the best 7 hotels that shine when it comes to its design and decor but an attempt has been made.

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