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5 Creepiest Hotels in the World

Dalhousie Castle

The fact that there are countless hotels that boast of their ability to scare their guests is proof that there are those who enjoy getting scared. For the likes of the ordinary this may sound bizarre but it takes all sorts to make this world!

Making a list of the 5 scariest, creepiest hotels in the world has not been difficult as there are a number of them alive and kicking and making enough profits. The scary thing is that there are people who enjoy this experience.

1. The Ostrich Inn in England
This hotel comes out with flying colours as it does offer its guests enough to knock the daylights out of them. Not really though as those that will stay there will have enough courage and are expected to remain unscathed!
It is reported that the couple that owned this hotel in bygone days enjoyed murdering the guests in their unique fashion and some among these victims still wander around vividly making their presence felt the whole night through.

2. Hotel Carter, New York
If filth scares people away as also rats, cockroaches and such uninvited guests then Hotel Carter, New York is a place that comes under this category. It is also reported that a dead woman was found under the bed in one of the rooms. This place is normally opted for by those who cannot afford a better place as the rates are very low.
The fact that this place is running on smooth wheels indicates that there are enough customers who set aside dirt and filth and tolerate rats and mice creeping on them.

3. St. James Hotel, Cimarron, New Mexico
Strange though it may sound this hotel has had the distinction of accepting guests many of whom were outlaws and trigger- happy. No wonder then one would hear bullet shots at odd hours right in the bed rooms and the gambling house over trivial issues and one such victim is reported to be the famous James Wright who was shot dead over a dispute in the gambling den and his spirit is still doing the rounds in this place. Although this place it touched up, the bullet holes on the tin roof have been left untouched -one of the attractions for tourists who visit there

4. The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado
The ghost stories often mention of the dead visiting their homes and are heard either playing the piano or engaging in some other activities. At the Stanley Hotel, in Colorado this actually happens. It is reported that the owner, F.O. Stanley who put up this hotel around 1900 is seen in the billiard room and even in the lobby ‘supervising’ and his wife’s spirit would be seen at the piano playing her favourite numbers!

5. The Dalhousie Castle, Bonnyrigg, Scotland
This is yet another hotel, old as the hills rich with history, dating back to the 13th century. The castle’s old time look is partly visible which evidently has history that is not so pleasant. Rumours have it that a lady is seen wandering around who is reported to be none other than the lovelorn Lady Catherine who was locked inside and tortured until death.

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