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5 Amazing Themed Hotels

Quebec's Hôtel de Glace

While many people going on vacation are excited to see the sights in the city, sometimes the best thing about a trip can be the hotel. Some hotels seem designed to capture the imagination with their themes, details and creativity. Here is a list of five of the most interesting themed hotels around the world.

1. A Fairytale Experience
To enter Thorngrove Manor in Australia truly does feel like stepping into a fairytale. When approaching the hotel, you’ll instantly become captivated by the baroque towers and turrets, along with the perfectly sculpted greenery surrounding the hotel. However, it’s once you enter the Manor that the magic truly begins. Each suite contains furniture and decor suited for royalty, including hand-painted friezes and signature artwork, tapestries, and sculptures. Absolute privacy is guaranteed to all guests, making this an ideal getaway for couples and romantics. Private high tea luncheon is also offered.

2. Winter Wonderland
For the traveler who isn’t afraid of a little cold, Quebec’s Hôtel de Glace offers a unique opportunity to stay in a gigantic ice sculpture that is reconstructed yearly. 15,000 tons of snow and 500,000 tons of ice are used each year to build the hotel, and the walls are four feet thick providing insulation. The lobby is adorned with ice sculptures and themed drinks are offered. Artistic lighting is the norm, and certain suites come equipped with their own fireplace and luxury spa. Even the beds have a solid ice base, and visitors sleep inside arctic sleeping bags which can remain warm in extreme temperatures. Staying inside the Hôtel de Glace truly is a true adventure.

3. Museum Adventures
The Museum Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey represents a fascinating journey into the past. The hotel founders took existing caves and ruins and made them into a fully restored collection of thirty entirely unique rooms and suites, each of which contains unique artifacts the likes of which could otherwise be found only in a museum. Indeed, each room is specially designed to look like a museum exhibit, and stepping inside the Hotel feels like stepping inside a piece of history. Other amenities offered include massages, cooking lessons, and even discounts on hot air balloon flights, making this a truly luxurious experience.

4. A Gothic Journey
The Hotel Saint-Merry in Paris rests near Notre Dame and the Louvre, inside what was once a centrally located Parisian Church. The stone interior has now been restored to its Gothic origins, and iron candelabra hang from the ceilings. Headboards are ornately carved from what were once confessional boxes, and gargoyles adorn the exterior, occasionally even cutting into rooms. The Gothic carvings and style inside each room is unique, making this an ideal place to go to appreciate the rich history of Paris.

5. A Natural Waterfall Voyage
Finally, when travelling in South America, consider the Magic Mountain Lodge in Southern Chile on the Huilo Huilo nature reserve. This Lodge is also known as the Waterfall Mountain Hotel, and is so named due to the fact that the rooms are constructed inside a mountain that erupts daily with clean water that flows over the windows of the hotel, just like a waterfall. This natural theme continues inside, where visitors can bathe with naturally heated water in ancient trunks. Guests can enjoy incredible views of the forest beyond from comfortable and romantic rooms that grow smaller the higher you get inside the mountain. This breathtaking experience is not to be missed.

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