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3 Travel Dos and Don’ts To Make Your Trip Better

Don’t you hate dealing with inconsiderate people? This can be especially frustrating when you are travelling. There always seems to be someone who thinks the rules don’t apply to them. What could be more irritating? To make your trip even better, here are some travel dos and don’ts that can help make your trip better.


They're all good people deep down!
They’re all good people deep down!

If You Have a Loud Neighbour at Your Hotel

It always seems to happen. You spend all that time researching the perfect hotel – weeks, months even. You are just about to doze off after a long day of travel, and suddenly all you can hear is music blaring and animated conversation. The fact that it is after midnight doesn’t seem to deter your hotel neighbours from being excessively loud. So, what should you do? And what should you avoid?

Do: Phone down and ask to speak to the hotel manager on duty. If the noise really is an issue, it is better to let a member of the hotel staff deal with the interruption. You may also want to ask for a pair of earplugs. Believe it or not, many hotels have them on hand or on sale at the gift shop for moments just like this!

Don’t: Go next door and try to deal with the situation yourself. This may lead to an unnecessary confrontation – or even cause your noisy neighbours to become even louder. It is a far better idea to let the professionals handle the situation.


If You Feel Unsafe in a Taxi

Chances are, when you’re on vacation, you’ll be taking more than a couple of taxi rides. They are a convenient way to get around an unfamiliar city. More often than not, you won’t have an issue with your taxi driver…but what if you do? Do you yell and scream at the driver? Should you file an official complaint?

Do: Get out of the taxi as quickly as possible. If they have refused to slow down, simply tell them to pull over at the nearest available location. Pay the fare and leave the taxi. You should never stay in a car when you feel that your safety is in jeopardy! Be sure to jot down the driver’s name (this is usually on display inside of the cab) or the license plate number. You can report the driver to their manager, if necessary.

Don’t: Yell or scream at the driver. Most likely they will respond to a polite request far better than a rude (or loud) one. Another don’t? Don’t stay inside of the taxi if you really do feel unsafe. You do not want to leave your personal safety in the hands of someone who isn’t putting your interests first.


If Your Seatmate is Taking Up All the Space

There is nothing like sitting in an already cramped seat, only to have your seatmate take up even more of your space. Surely, you didn’t need an armrest, right? Unfortunately, this happens more often than it should. What is the best course of action? Do you ask them to move over or stay quiet and deal with it?

Do: Start by claiming your space early on in the trip. Put your items underneath your seat or in the overhead bin. Also, it’s not a bad idea to put down the armrest…and rest your arm on one of them. This will signal to your seatmate that you are entitled to your own space. They will be less likely to try to take over if you have already asserted your individual space.

Don’t: Give dirty looks, sigh a lot, make snide remarks, or push their arm over. As tempting as it is to hint that they are being rude, it can actually lead to a lot of problems. You probably don’t want to deal with an argument over this – it’s just not worth it!

Travelling isn’t always easy. You are often forced to deal with people and circumstances that you’d rather avoid. If you follow these dos and don’ts, you can make the most of a bad situation.

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