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    Set within unique part of Australian continent, where sea embraces the land and creates dreamy marine ambient, Sydney is undoubtedly among the most beautiful and vibrant cities within southern Earth hemisphere. Anyway, Sydney is more than just giant cosmopolitan area -it’s a place full of precious historical roots mixed with aboriginal culture, urban and colonial architecture and recognizable Aussie lifestyle. Attractions and landmarks swarm from every part of the Sydney, but still, some of its areas and spots stand out as unavoidable part of every visitor’s city tour: Fascinating Sydney’s beaches There’s probably no person who haven’t heard about irresistible vibrancy and entertaining spirit of Aussies’ favorite Bondi beach. Located…

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    Bannerghatta National Park, Karnataka

    Bannerghatta parkland is sure on the edge by the mighty ranges of Anekal putting it atop, at avariable elevation of 1245 m – 1634 m on top of the ocean level and close to twenty two km from the town of Bangalore. This mesmerizing piece of land is unfold across a large space of twenty five,000 acres and encompasses six villages, ancient sacred temples and well; yes a biological park giving a lot of recreational activities! The National Park may be a far-famed trekking destination whereas the Biological Park provides a good vary of activities from safaris, to visiting the pet corner, snake house, aquarium, a butterfly enclosureand then a…

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    Kudremukh National Park, Karnataka

    Spread across the hills of Western Ghats, Kudremukh National park is basically a “forest on the peaks.” A peculiar peak here, the Kudremukh peak is formed sort of a horse’s face and lends the forest its name. The peaks here appear to merge with the clouds whereas the deep valleys affectionately accommodate the forests and every one the superb variety in their laps. It’s the second largest protected region within the Western Ghats. The scenic fantastic thing about this place paints a serene image that may leave you stunned! Lying within the Chikmaglur district of state, the forest houses 3 main rivers: Bhadra river, Nethravati river and Tunga river, stunningwaterfalls…