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    Niagara for Wine Lovers

    Canada’s Niagara Region has grown into a well-established wine producing region whose wines have become famous in international competitions. Along with the wine boom, the Niagara region has built up a strong tourism industry catering to wine lovers. Visitors to Niagara region can plan itineraries that reflect their specific interests. Organized wine tours can be arranged from several hotels in Niagara Falls, many of which include several stops and a dinner at one of the region’s fine restaurants. The advantage of a pre-planned tour is that transportation is arranged (usually a bus or a smaller shuttle), so you won’t have to worry about how much wine you sample, and you…

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    High Rolling Getaways

    If your money is burning a hole in your pocket, it may be time to try your luck on one of these casino getaways that will have you living like a high roller. This is a look at the world’s best places to go gambling. America’s most famous high roller city is, of course, Las Vegas. This is the place for glitz, glam and gambling. The city saw its first boom during the construction of the Hoover Dam, when mafia crime lords and local businesses opened up casinos and showgirl theatres to entertain the largely male population. Since then the business has been booming and now luxury hotels and fabulous…

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    Paphos Off-Season

    The best time to visit a luxury hotel or villa in Cyprus is during the very early spring – or very late autumn – and the best resort to visit for those of us who also like to do a little sight-seeing is surely Paphos.Paphos is a resort which has something to suit all tastes, but if you like to get out and about a little, then come here during February, March, October or November – for perfect weather conditions for a ‘combination’ holiday. During the rest of the spring and summer months, the weather is too hot for many of us who enjoy walking and touring, whilst in the…