• Provence

    Provence is a Paradise for Foodies

    Do you enjoy your food? If you’re like me, there will be nothing you like doing more on holiday than tucking into the delicacies of the places you’re visiting. While France’s worldwide reputation for producing sumptuous food and drink means it’s a fairly obvious destination for all foodies, I think Provence is tres magnifique! Come here for a holiday and you’ll have the opportunity to shop at some amazing markets that sell local specialties like truffles and soupe au pistou (a type of basil and garlic soup). Of course, there are other things in life than food and while the region is blessed with a fantastic culinary scene, it’s also…

  • Destinations

    Tips for a Luxury Weekend Escape

        There’s this misconception that taking a vacation has to be this big expensive thing that you have to book off work and travel halfway across the world in order to have a good time. The truth is sometimes the best vacations are those you can get to simply by getting in your car and driving for a few hours – just enough so it feels special, different and enjoyable. And while you’re at it, why not add a little luxury too? There is a lot of stress associated with planning a big trip that can be eliminated or at least greatly reduced by planning smaller, weekend getaways. In…

  • grand-marina
    Chic Villas and Hotels

    The Most Expensive Places To Stay In Spain

    Oscar Wilde said so decadently, “Let me be surrounded by luxury, I can do without the necessities!” So, when one is travelling to an exotic destination, such as Spain, one can easily apply this Oscar Wilde principle in life in that place as well! Looking for some luxurious, lavish and oh so comfortable places is a good way to spend a vacation in Spain. Whether it is the super luxurious hotels or some opulently appointed villas, Spain offers plenty of places for one’s comfort and luxury needs. It is also a good idea to take the many convenient flights to Malaga and begin one’s luxury stay in Spain. In fact,…