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    5 Tips To Get Deals On Hotel Rooms

    Traveling can get expensive. With the rising price of gas, a few meals along the way, and the often outrageous price of the hotel room, traveling can become prohibitively expensive for many people. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Often, identical rooms in a hotel are given to different customers for entirely different prices. We’ve talked to some money saving experts and come up with a list of five great ways to get good deals on hotel rooms. 1. Join a travel club. AAA memberships are cheap and often provide great discounts at many hotels around the globe. Many of these travel clubs also offer discounts on other…

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    Most Romantic Villas

    Villas are exquisite venues for holding intimate events or even taking time off with your loved ones. There are many villas that are available in different destinations. The villas can be rated with the quality of the services that they offer to their clients. Better still, the location of the villa is also a key determinant of what is to be expected in from the villa. The following are some of the Most Romantic Villas Abroad that people can hold their events ranging from weddings to the honey moons. Seminyak; The Silq Private Residence This is situated at the center of Kerobokan in Seminyak, Bali. The villas have an exclusively…

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    5 Creepiest Hotels in the World

    The fact that there are countless hotels that boast of their ability to scare their guests is proof that there are those who enjoy getting scared. For the likes of the ordinary this may sound bizarre but it takes all sorts to make this world! Making a list of the 5 scariest, creepiest hotels in the world has not been difficult as there are a number of them alive and kicking and making enough profits. The scary thing is that there are people who enjoy this experience. 1. The Ostrich Inn in England This hotel comes out with flying colours as it does offer its guests enough to knock the…